Alexis Howell-Jones  Feature Screenplay Writer 

I've loved film ever since a winter day in 1985 when I watched Back To The Future in a cinema in my home town and lost myself in a great story. I've been trying to do it ever since.

I'm a philosophy graduate, a keen amateur psychologist and I spend my days helping people recovering after being seriously injured in accidents. I primarily specialise in tense features where the intense conflicts of people’s lives are put under the microscope.

I won an award for a short film script at the British Screenwriters Awards 2015 and was selected for the 2016 Talent Campus funded by Creative Skillset. I've been regularly placing in competitions in 2017 and 2018. 

Blog Posts

December 13, 2016

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Write Then Socialise - writing group

I run an international writing group which encourages writers to form local communities in their area to help push their writing forward. Get pages done, interact with a community of writers, push your work forwards!